Friday, October 9, 2015

Retrieving: EBSCO Search

The "retrieval" stage of the Alberta Inquiry Model includes:

  • develop an information retrieval plan
  • locate and collect resources
  • select relevant information
  • evaluate information
  • review and revise the plan for inquiry

I began this "retrieval" process by questioning my colleagues and reading the materials from MetaMetrics.  I am now in a stage where I need to seek further resources.

I began my search by using one of the databases available to me through my university.  I selected EBSCO Academic Search Premier and used "lexiles" as my search term.  The search returned 52 results.

I then sorted through the list, reading summaries of the articles and selecting the ones which I felt might be relevant to my study.  I saved the promising ones as PDFs on my computer.  Now I have plenty of reading to do!

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