Saturday, October 3, 2015

Retrieving: Lexiles in Education

Another article in the blue folder from the 2005 workshop is entitled "Lexiles in Education" and is measured at an 1190L.  It mostly reiterates information from "Lexiles in the Library" and "The Lexile Framework."  However, it did include a small amount of background information on the Lexile system that I found to be interesting.

According to the article:
"The Lexile Foundation has a strong research pedigree.  Beginning with a grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Development in 1984, the nationally known psychometric research team at MetaMetrics continually refines the underpinnings of the Lexile Framework.  Lexile measures are the result of more than 20 years of ongoing research" (1).

I had no idea that the Lexile system had been around for so long or was so well-researched.  I was not exposed to it as a student, and I don't remember it ever being mentioned during any of my education courses during my undergraduate program (1997-2001).  As a high school teacher, I never dealt with lexiles.  It was only when my own children entered elementary school that I started to hear about lexile measurements, and even though I was an educator myself, I had to have my children's teachers explain the system to me.  Obviously, though, the Lexile program was around all this time and I was just unaware of it.

"Lexiles in Education."  MetaMetrics, Inc., 2004.

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