Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Creating and Reflecting

My next step is the creation phase!  In this phase I will:
  • organize information
  • create a product
  • think about audience
  • revise and edit
  • review and revise the plan for inquiry
Part of the reason this project is so exciting to me is because I have multiple audiences.  First, my audience will be my professor and my peers in my graduate course.  They will be the first to read this journal and view my product.  Then, after their feedback, I will revise my product, and possibly even come up with another way to use or share this journal, to then share with my colleagues at school and hopefully begin to inspire change there.

As my product, I am currently working on a video in PowToon to share my findings.  I've never used PowToon before, so I'm finding it to be a bit of slow going.  I'm a little frustrated with myself for not moving faster, but at the same time, I feel like I've learned SO much since starting this project.  I'm also really happy with how this journal and the final product have turned out so far--so I just need to keep plugging along!

Alberta Learning.  "Focus on inquiry: A teacher's guide to implementing inquiry-based learning."  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Alberta Learning, 2004.

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