Tuesday, November 17, 2015


The sharing stage of the Alberta Model for Inquiry includes:
  • communicating with the audience
  • presenting new understandings
  • demonstrating appropriate audience behavior
So far, I've only shared my material with my husband.  :)  A few nights ago, I shared some of the key findings from my research with him as I sat working on my final product.  The larger presentation will be posting this journal for my classmates and professor to read and sharing the knowledge and understandings that I have gained since starting this project with them.  Soon, I will also be sharing my final product with my classmates and professor.  In a few weeks, I hope to also share an edited version (improved by suggestions from my classmates and professor) of these products with my colleagues at school.

When I started this project, I had a "gut feeling" that I didn't like using lexiles to level student readers or to limit checkouts, but I lacked the background knowledge to explain why.  Now I understand how the Lexile system was developed and the ways that it is misused in many schools (including mine) today.  Based on research, I feel confident in my vision of the school library as a place that inspires and supports students in developing a love of reading, not limits them to a certain band or level.  I'm excited to move forward and make positive changes in my library and my school.

Alberta Learning.  "Focus on inquiry: A teacher's guide to implementing inquiry-based learning."  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Alberta Learning, 2004.

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